• I’m based in Bellville, Cape Town.

  • Facilitation starts off with a 1-hour preliminary strategy session.

  • I provide individually tailored sessions. (one-on-one sessions)

  • I specialise in relationships issues, personal empowerment, health and lifestyle matters, financial freedom, career building (we spend ± a third of our lives at work).

  • Facilitation happens in Afrikaans or English.
  • Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxed concentration. We all experience some state of hypnosis, every day. Examples of a light hypnotic states… Daydreaming; before you fall asleep, etc.

  • Hypnotherapy is a truly remarkable therapy that can change your life. It’s like a compass… show you the right direction…and you make the journey.

  • What can you use hypnotherapy for?


    Facilitation sessions…

  • 1st session: We gather information about the presenting problem, including a hypnotic experience and work;

  • 2nd session: Progress check; Symptomatic approach or Parts Therapy.

  • 3rd session: Progress check; Reinforcement or Analytical approach.

  • 4th session: Possible follow up sessions.

  • Life Coaching

  • Life Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do or how to do it. It’s building on potential. Creating change that enhances performance and learning.

  • Facilitation sessions…

  • Using either John Whitmore's GROW Model


  • The structured and well-balanced New Insights Africa Personal Development Coaching Programme (a tried and trusted programme, spanning a 6-month period), which I adapt where necessary.

  • What did some of my clients have to say about this New Insights Africa Life Coaching programme?

  • Test Analyst Information Technology:
    “I completed the New Insights Africa Coaching Program with Marlene, I had several development areas that I wanted to address and change in my life. I received practical, achievable advice and tools that I will be able to use through the rest of the areas in my life. This new way of thinking is already so integrated in my life that I don’t have to consciously think about them anymore. “

  • Senior Manager:
    “The process is thorough and leads you to assess areas of your life in a different/deeper way. It gets you to the “real issues” and does not only attempt to fix the obvious. It provides practical guidance to set goals and a roadmap to get there. The process facilitates self-evaluation and provides insight into the behavior of others. It leads you to understand the influence of your beliefs, values, rules and needs. It highlights the need to change certain thinking and behavioral patterns. The material is relevant for people of all “levels”. Commitment to the process and “homework” is essential for success.”

  • Junior Manager:
    “Having been coached helped me to enhance my potential to perform better in my job and to be more productive. It increased my self-confidence and self-esteem. My skills are enhanced. It identified areas for development and turned it into potential successes. It develops good relationships. Provides an opportunity to think about a better work role and career. Gives focused attention to training and development.”

  • Junior Manager:
    “It is an ongoing process which is heavily dependent on my participation. It is driven by my goals and aspirations to improve myself. The coach’s role is one of facilitation, to create the environment and to steer and guide. I can say that at this point my Coach has fully complied and excelled in setting the stage and guiding the process. I have found her to be insightful and knowledgeable. These elements are crucial in the guiding of a journey of self-discovery. The biggest thing that a Coach needs to have is credibility and believability as without these characteristics she won’t get buy-in. I have bought in. The value-add of coaching is not specific to the attainment of said goals, but delivers benefits in how everyday milestones are achieved. It is a way of thinking and a way of behaving. One feels as though the journey of the rest of your life has begun, and a world of possibilities opens. What does work is how these things spill over into the rest of one’s life, not just work.”